Project detail

3 March 2021

Shrek’s Adventure, London

Project Ogre’ as it was referred to throughout BAQUS, was an exciting project to be involved in and we were pleased also to be supporting Merlin on another exciting attraction. BAQUS managed the construction costs, Work on site began in August 2014 and the project was completed on time for the grand opening and just in time for the Summer Holidays!

One of the main challenges was the new entrance and atrium lifts which were inserted between the London Dungeon and the Sea Life entrances.  This involved bridging over the tank holding leatherback turtles and 5m sharks which remained in residence and were very sensitive to any disturbance to their controlled environment.

The facilities include 10 themed rooms for the 4D bus experience as well as a gift shop and hospitality area for birthday parties and special events.

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