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9 March 2021

Brighton Yacht Club and Marina Developments

BAQUS Construction and Property Consultancy plays an integral part in the multi-million pound project for West Quay Developments and Brunswick Developments at the Brighton Marina covering the CDM aspects for the new Marina and a new floating yacht club.  After many years of hard work and negotiation, Premier Marinas was pleased to announce that Brighton Marina’s new Yacht Club has now been berthed.

The new premises is built on a floating pontoon and is situated between pontoons 6 and 7. This type of build and construction is still cutting edge within the UK, although more common place in Holland, where dry land is at a premium.  Marina owners Brunswick Developments have covered the vast majority of the new build costs, with Brighton Marina Yacht Club now actively fund-raising to ensure that the new club is well fitted out and offers a warm welcome to all its users. The ongoing development of Brighton Marina has seen a new yacht club delivered to the 127-acre site.

BAQUS are currently working on another project at the Marina (see Artist Impression) Whilst it looks like 3 buildings it is in affect only 2. The ground deck is retail and the unit at the end nearest the harbour mouth which has already been taken by Jamie Oliver; first floor is offices, doctors, dentist 2nd floor and up is flats some of which are affordable homes with the roof level being pent house.

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